155: Design for Print and Digital Media:   Electronic Typography                          
UCLA Department of Design | Media Arts
Mondays and Wednesdays  2 -4:50  Spring 2002

Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp, js@jsteinkamp.com
Home (310) 737 9616
Office hours 1:00-2:00 Wednesdays in the DMA lab

TA: Sylvia Rigon 
Office hours:     

Door Code:  115-1553

Description: Typography for broadcast, web, interactive, and projection. This is an advanced course that explores typography as an on-screen visual language, examining informational, conceptual, utilitarian concerns, as well as the expressive qualities of time-based media.

Software Utilized:  After Effects, Photoshop, FinalCut, Fontographer, Maya, Director, Flash, Illustrator, ATM

Grading: Grading is determined by uniqueness, completion, thoughfulness and quality of the 3 assignments. Attendance and participation are mandatory, and of course effect the grade.

Recommended Text and links:  

Open Window Contest, We will be submitting assignments 1 and 2.

Also: The Adobe Contest

Week 1
Monday 4/1      Typography,
AfterEffectsPhotoshop,  ATM
Assignment 1: Choose a typeface, select word or phrase that the typeface suggests, animate this.  Take care in the selection of the typeface, be ready to support your choice. Add a sound, think about the sound the typeface would make. Make a storyboard, scan it for grading and presentation.
Critique storyboard proposal ideas next week.  Due Wednesday week 3

Wednesday 4/3    
Traveling Mattes

Week 2
Monday 4/8     
Discuss storyboard proposals for assignment 1

Wednesday 4/10    class lab

The Animation Workshop and the Animation Student Organization will be hosting Richard Quade, Supervising Animator at Pixar Animation Studios on Toy Story 1 and 2, A Bug's Life, and Monster's Inc.  Rich is an alum of the UCLA Animation Workshop and a multiple student Academy Award Winner.
On Thursday, April 11, Rich will present 2 lectures: Timing in Animation and Acting in Animation.  The lectures will occur at 10:00 am and 1:30 pm in Melnitz  2487 (the Animation Lab) with a break for lunch.

On Friday, April 12, Rich will be in the workshop from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm with an hour for lunch.  During this time he will meet individually with students to discuss their work in progress.  Rich is an animator, so he will mostly focus on character animation. Everyone is welcome to sit in on the individual meetings on Friday.  We reserve the right to cancel meetings to  accomodate Rich's schedule.

Week 3
Monday 4/15     
Assignment 2: Photograph some found text, ala Edward Fella's polaroids.  Create an interactive graphic based on the image.  I am looking for unusual and fun explorations with text and image. Make a storyboard, scan it for grading and presentation. Discuss storyboard proposals next week.

Wednesday 4/17    
Critique assignment 1

Week 4
Monday 4/22     
Discuss storyboardproposals for assignment 2

Wednesday 4/24     

Week 5             
Monday 4/29      
Mail Contest submissions, postmark May 1.

Wednesday 5/1

Week 6
Monday 5/6         
Critique Assignment 2
Assignment 3:  Visit the Seeing exhibition at LACMA Lab  where artists respond to the collection. (The children's interactive section, LACMA West, May company building) Last quarter Joachim Sauter ( www.artcom.de ) presented  a beautiful interactive piece which allowed a viewer to navigate an ancient Japanese scroll. It was successful because you could interactively scroll, not losing the feeling of the original scroll and find interesting connections between images with hyper links. This would be an example of a more pragmatic approach to the assignment.

I am working on gaining some kind of access to the collection. I thought starting with LACMA lab would be great inspiration. I do want this to be very creative; you may work in any medium.

Make a storyboard, scan it for grading and presentation. Discuss storyboard proposals next week, Due week 10

Wednesday 5/8       Changing velocity between keyframes, Aftereffects

Week 7
Monday 5/13           

Wednesday 5/15      Discuss assignment 3 proposals

Week 8              
Monday 5/20     

Wednesday 5/22   

Week 9
Monday 5/27      Memorial Day Holiday

Wednesday 5/29     

Week 10            
Monday  6/3      

Wednesday  6/5   
Critique Assignment 3

Other subjects

Present all assignments on web and video?
Blue screen