transCoder / Sketches / Virtual Machine / Compiler / API

Virtual Machine / Compiler / API


architectural topology that designs systems of execution formulated upon imaginaries of queer desire

          contextualizes transCoder knowledge production

          builds a politicized circuit for current flow (transmission of meaning)

          disidentifies with functionality

          interlocks with economies of immaterial labor production for informatic theft and regulations of


          manages desires

          regulates all monetary value and exchange

          produces assemblages (no separation between knowledge, action, body, machine, matter,



a transcoder of languages

          optimizes code for circulation within the virtual machine

          maintains linguistic difference when translating code

          cryptographic generator as political protest (coded destructive creativity)

          layers meaning as multiple and singular simultaneously

          materializes performative power as tangible object of deployment

          multiplies the voice of action (anti-languageS for the queer multitude)


fusion and mutation of face(s)

          builds life modules—living flesh—to operate in various control environments

          dynamic points of intercourse, intersection, support for contact and penetration

          shattering of identity, oneness, boundaries

          exchange of deregulation protocols and subsumption behaviors (laboring in change, in time, in


          crystallizes points / peaks / layers of non-teleological events (unknown impossibilities)

          makes monsters out of faces (eyes without a face)

          exposure and susceptibility to ontological and epistemological reconfiguration