ENgenderingGenderChangers: Connections for Disconnections

ENgenderingGenderChangers are designed to humorously question the conflation of gender with hardware connectivity in the larger sphere of IT culture. Offering a wider range of “solutions” to the male / female plug binary does not necessarily solve or better this conflation. Rather, it grossly exaggerates the problem in order to gain attention from the public.

ENgenderingGenderChangers are mass produced and covertly distributed in Radioshacks, Best Buys, Circuit Cities, and other consumer electronics stores across the nation and Europe, including, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Boston, London, and Berlin.

ENgenderingGenderChangers desire to encounter the public as a product and not as an art object, for a product demands other questions to be answered for the purchaser, regarding functionality, compatibility, and affordability. As a potential product for purchase, ENgenderingGenderChangers offer a critique of gender subordination in technological flows of viral capitalism.

Gender Changer Original Design