Gay Bombs

Gay Bombs: Hi-jack this Queers!

Gay Bombs can be considered a reverse discourse, a reinscription, a mutating body politic, a multitude—literally, a queer terrorist assemblage of networked activists, plotting the redeployment of new technologically queer meanings, vulnerabilities, and sensibilities.

The Gay Bomb is a hacked concept, intercepting flows and signals of terrorist paranoia, networked fear, distributed warfare, and homophobic weaponry. The Gay Bomb takes on the climate of its cultural production in order to more effectively subvert the United States Air Force's original goal of constructing a gay bomb.

The Gay Bomb is a queer bomb, a tactical understanding of action, community, resistance, struggle, and strategy.

Here, Gay Bombs are outlined in a technical manual manifesto. Appropriating the style of any guide that is packaged with propriety software, the Gay Bombs manual manifesto outlines a “how to” of queer political action through the understanding, use, and distribution of queer technologies.

Military Missile with Homophobic Graffiti