Disingenuous Bar

Disingenuous Bar: Political Support for Technical Problems

Designed as a play / attack on Apple Computer’s Genius Bar, the Disingenuous Bar is a heterotopic space that offers non-technical support for “technical problems.” Dispelling the conflation of “genius” with technology in grids of capitalism, the un-geniuses of the Disingenuous Bar make no promises about computer “geniuses” offering “technological” solutions to ideological problems.

Referring to Benjamin’s claim that art in the age of mechanical reproduction moves away from ritual and becomes focused upon politics, the Disingenuous Bar attempts to generate a performative platform of political inquiry through the examination, discussion, and distribution of various queer technologies—that is, political tools exploring the technologically queer. The space and performance of the Disingenuous Bar functions as a “disidentification”—what Jose Esteban Munoz describes as a queer tactic of resistance against dominant ideologies.

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