Project Description Date
Para[site] Para[site], is a project in which an architectual space is infected by Autonomous Electromechanical Instruments which feed off their host by physically striking the structures of the building for sound generation. Jun. 2003
Data Dump Data Dump addresses the notion in everytime we swipe a credit card or an ID card, we not only initiate the purchase of something or gain entrance, etc. but also leave a trace of data behind. A trace that is directly linked to the individual and their identities. May. 2003
I pledge allegiance Sculpture made in response to USA's military actions in Iraq. May. 2003
mis(sed)communication A proposed project that revisits the basic premise of Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz 1980 artwork "Hole in Space". mis(sed)communication aims to place the videoconferencing sysem between nations/people in conflict. Apr. 2003
Broadcast Flow In reinterpreting the broadcast stream by abstraction and time lapse, Flow paints an reimagined TV landscape. Mar. 2003
Sur La Table Sur La Table is an interactive table that uses a camera as input for interaction. Any non-white object placed on/over the table will bleed it's colors/image down the table. Mar. 2003
Meditation on Mediation Using machine Vision technologies and concepts of augmented reality to create an engine that allows for creation of mobile cinematic events Mar. 2003
Scan Line In playing with Microsoft's VisionSDK I was particularly interested in creating a process that would not be just a recreation of already existing filters or of similar like. Particularly I wanted to see if I could some how capture a notion of passing time. Jan. 2003
RED RED reexamines particular Hollywood films and filters them so that only areas that are visually red are displayed and the rest of the movie is blanked to white. Jan. 2003
Disorienting Cinema Disorienting cinema examines the notion of relocating the moving images to places other than the screen. In particular it examines how cinema (particularly those with some form of narative) might be constructed in an elevator. Jan. 2003
Holiday Card An interactive holiday card that hopefully lightened the spirits. Dec. 2002
resonanceTM the museum as guerilla warfare: ideas for media arts retrospective.
- presentation visuals
Dec. 2002
Monster Continuing investigations with machine vision. See also Monster (need a webcam and PC), an investigation around pattern matching. Dec. 2002
Paranoid Profiler Project commenting on use of technology as means of control and also notion of profiling individuals based on xenophobia Dec. 2002
Looking for Herwig Group project regarding the search for a missing colleague Nov. 2002
icefall Visuals derived from hours of TV recordings for another project and reused for this little ditty Sept. 2002
happenstance: ideas for mobile cinema Using machine Vision technologies and concepts of augmented reality to create an engine that allows for creation of mobile cinematic events Nov. 2002
soundbombing docu-fiction and audio ideas around to be built product: the Sound Sticker Nov. 2002
Interpretations of the Situationist Internatoinal's Derive in context of LA and the automobile - Time Spent(coming soon): Directional Space and Time spent looking out the car's windshield as method of creating a non-city specific derive profile
- Tale's from a city: a city speaks, affordance of grammar and creation of vocabulary. The derive as fictional narative
Sept. 2002