Sur La Table
Mar. 2003
Second Installation (view quicktime)

First Installation (view quicktime)
sur la table revisits the domestic situation of the table. Events that normally occur on/over a table (the placing of objects, hand gestures, etc…) are amplified through projection and become the basis for interactivity, ultimately changing the visitor’s relation to the table. Using a camera as input, events occurring on/over the table are projected back onto the table so that a historic timeline of events is visualized as a continuous flow of images down the table.

The installation allows for multiple tables to be networked so that images data from one table can be seen on another and so on. This creates the condition for an abstracted telepresence of events happening on multiple tables. These tables can be placed in proximity to one another or in geographically diverse places.

Sur La Table was exhibited at the Pacific Design Center on March 25-28 2003
Sur La Table was exhibited at the Electronic Orphanage on Aug 18 2003