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A user interfacing with a game is always a continuous struggle of power. Skill, physical ability, agility are just a few characteristics that a user may build upon to gain more power over a gaming system. The bodily ability to connect and operate the game via interface (controller, joystick) coupled with a cognitive understanding and awareness of the game narrative (how the user must play and why) produces the successful gamer. Level_Zero's array of user un-becoming options discredits the "success" of the gamer. By playing backwards or experiencing interface crashes, the user is stripped of a supportive power structure and faced with a new search for success in a world where connection to the virtuality of the gaming world is without guaranteed agency.

The avatar embodies a user's identities, desires, goals. The avatar is a symbol of power struggle—always trying to advance. The un-becoming avatar solutions created by Level_Zero addresses alternative narratives and constructions that users have never before been capable of instantiating. As your avatar un-becomes, a story of perpetual death can emerge, rather than perpetual life with fleeting moments of death. The avatar that gives up willfully, the lazy avatar, the avatar that refuses to participate—these un-becoming options cut a circulation of productivity between the functionality of the game and the user's conceptualization of how that plays out in their embodied existence as avatar. The avatar that un-becomes generates a narrative of anti-production.

A gaming environment is designed for the promise of exploration. As a user plays, moves, progresses through such an environment, mastery of the terrain responds to this promise of exploration by guaranteeing advancement to a higher level. Gaming environments tend to fall back on necessary tropes (commonality in abilities, navigations, spaciality, time) to ensure—at a base level—the ability to progress through the environment and not languish in a location that crushes the possibility for the game's constructed narrative to reach climax. Un-becoming environment options delete the promise of exploration. They produce architectures of power aggregates that level the environment down to space/place/time as void of agency.


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