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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is zero leveling, and how is it different from power leveling?
  • Zero leveling is a new and innovative idea in online gaming. If you’re bored with the drudgery of constantly acquiring more power, status, currency, clothes, armor, and weapons for your avatar and you feel like it has become just another stressful aspect of your already stressful life, perhaps you should consider our services.
  • Doesn’t this defeat the purpose of the game?
  • Definitely. But if you are not solely concerned with powering up and killing more efficiently, zero leveling can provide hours of fun for you and your friends.
  • Why do your prices change so frequently?
  • Because our prices are pegged to the levels of paranoia and disaffection in society, our prices tend to change frequently. But unlike other sites that capitalize on your paranoia by promising to rid you of it, zero leveling provides you with conceptual tools that allow you to enjoy your paranoiac state.
  • Are macros/bots/exploits/cheats/hacks used?
  • Yes. Although other power leveling sites may promise to level your avatar without the use of these “unethical” tactics, Level_Zero's ultimate mission of un-becoming undoes typical notions of what is and is not ethical.
  • Do you use Chinese gold farmers or other foreign digital sweatshop labor?
  • Yes. In order to provide our customers with the most competitive prices for un-becoming we seek out the most competitive labor markets available. Although we do not generally advocate exploitative working environments, Level_Zero feels our use of these digital sweatshops will ultimately shed light on a practice the straight gaming industry engages in.
  • Is using Level_Zero products cause for suspension or ban?
  • Yes. Because many of our products violate most End User Licensing Agreements you can be suspended or banned outright from your gaming environment.
  • Are Level_Zero products detectable?
  • That depends on the product you are using. Some of our bots have gone undetected for long periods of operation (sadly, this is the case for many of our PTSD bots who are ignored and simply become “invisible” avatars). Others are detected immediately (the sudden appearance of Super Mario within the Warcraft game map usually angers and/or unnerves other players and invites the wrath of Blizzard’s game masters). Your choice of product should take this into consideration.


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