HOW TO AUTHOR and SETUP BRIGHTSIGN on a PC with BrightAuthor

Setup the SD Card
You will need a high grade MicroSD card, especially for 8K units:
ADATA Premier ONE 64GB SDXC UHS-II U3 Class10 V90 3D NAND 4K 8K Ultra HD 275MB/s Micro SD CardAUSDX64GUII3CL10-CA1
SanDisk 32GB Extreme microSDHC UHS-I Memory Card with Adapter - C10, U3, V30, 4K, A1, Micro SD - SDSQXAF-032G-GN6MA, Red/Gold

You may need a SD card reader:
Anker 2-in-1 USB 3.0 SD Card Reader for Micro SD Cards

FORMAT SD card as exFAT
Insert the card into your PC
Carefully right mouse over the correct drive, choose Format...
Select File system exFAT
Eject the drive, right mouse over the correct drive, choose Ejec


Download the latest BrightAuthor software
Select your model, ie XD234 would be XT4/XD4
Scroll Down to find BrightAuthor
You may need to tell Microsoft the download is safe, twice
In the Downloads folder double click BrightAuthorSetup.exe

Download the latest Brightsign OS for your player (Same location as BrightAuthor)
Select your model, ie XD234 would be XT4/XD4
Scroll Down to find BrightSignOS
You may need to tell Microsoft the download is safe, twice
In the Downloads folder Right mouse over the
     Right mouse Extract All...

Keep the downloads in an archive for the future.

Install Bonjour using  iTunes64Setup.exe
Search the internet for iTunes installer
Located in bonjour_installer folder, this allows local networking
     Uncheck Add iTunes shortcut to my desktop
     Uncheck Use iTunes as the Default player for audio files
     Uncheck Open iTunes after the installer exits

This also installs iTunes, you can remove iTunes.
     Control Panel
     View by Smal icons
     Programs and Features
     Select iTunes, Uninstall

Setup the player
Connect your player to your network with a CAT 5,6 or 7 cable (You may need a small network hub)
Connect to a monitor
Plugin the Brightsign without an SD Card
Take down notes about the player, keep this info with the player in its box.
     Model number
     IP Address
     Serial number
     OS Software version

Insert the SD card into the Brightsign.

Use a browser such as Edge
Go to the IP address of the Brightsign (use http: not https:)  use your IP address
The user name will be
admin, the password will be the serial number
Select Go to Advanced tab
Select UPDATE to install the latest BrightSign OS, you may already have it.
The BrightSign will reboot, this takes a while

Go back to the page, use your IP address
Select Ethernet
     Choose BrightAuthor
No need to name the device, select FINISH
Wait for the reboot

Player Movie BitRates
You can find this information at:
HD224 4K max bit rate 30-40 Mbps
XD233 4K 30-40 Mbps  HD 25 Mbps
XD234 4K 70-80 Mbps
XD1034 same as XD234 more input for interactivity

Use AfterEffects, Media Encoder or ffmpeg to to compress an H.265 mp4 movie.
I included a script to encode with ffmpeg with the art. You can modify this to set new bitRates

BrightAuthor to make a presentation
File->New Presentation
Save As: new name
BrightSign Model:  XD234 or your model number
Connector type:  HDMI 
Screen resolution:   projector 1920x1200x60p, 4K monitor 3840x2160x30p or your display settings
Monitor orientation: Landscape
Choose Full screen

Drag your H.265 mp4 movie on to the playlis

Select the Publish Tab
Answer Yes to save project
Ignore firmware message, you updated this already

Select Local Network purple area under tabs

Add your unit to Networked units, select the +
Input the IP address for your unit
Select the unit under Networked units

Don't select Specify Firmware update, already did this before.

Hit Publish button

You will see your movie playing. If there are any lags, you will need to decrease your bitrate for the movie file. Re-publish.


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