156B 3D: Modeling & Motion 2
This syllabus is subject to change based on the class needs.
Maya, Photoshop, After Effects
Winter 2012, Monday Thursday  2 - 4:50 pm


Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp
office hours 1:00-2:00   Thursdays  in the DMA lab by appointment

TA:   Noa P. Kaplan
office hours:  Thursdays and Thursday 5 - 7 PM

Description:   This course is an introduction to theories of animation: timing, spatial design, and conceptual practice.  Images taken from photographic or cinema space will be combined with the 3D virtual space, the goal,  consider the collision of these two representational media.

Course Project: Design a storyboard or concept for a 3D project. You may consider creating an animation,  a 3D interactive piece, a 3D sculpture your options are wide open.
The presentation is due Thursday. Try visiting a museum for inspiration.

Previous Student Examples:  http://users.design.ucla.edu/~cariesta

Grading:  Grading is determined by the completion of assignments and the final animation project; 80% of the final grade is based on the course project. Attendance and participation are mandatory, and of course effect the grade. No more than 3 absences allowed.

Recommended Text:
Mastering Maya Complete,  Perry Harovas  John L. Kundert-Gibbs, Sybex, Incorporated
The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, Hyperion
Cartoon Animation, Preston Blair, Walter Foster Publisher
Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, Jason Osipa
Maya Character Animation, 2nd edition, check for the most current, Jae-jin Choi

Look at Interesting Artists

Week 1

Monday 1/9      Maya Shortcuts      Blob Tutorial animating deformations    Animating the Camera,      Path Animation    Motion Blur

Thursday 1/11    Trims
     Advanced Modeling    Polygon     More Polygon Modeling   MudBox
Review course project proposals

Week 2
Monday 1/16          Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday  January 15, 1929 - April 4, 1968

Thursday 1/18    Noa         mental ray      mental ray advanced
Review course project proposals

Week 3
Monday 1/23        Bouncing Ball,    Follow Through    nCloth

Thursday 1/25        Hierarchical Animation (Forward Kinematics)       Present work in progress

Week 4
Monday 1/30             Inverse Kinematics and Skin

Thursday 2/1          Mathematical Expressions,     MEL scripts, Constraints

Week 5
Monday 2/6        Deformers              Present work in progress

Thursday 2/8    Noa     Lighting    Glass   Depth of Field           

Week 6
Monday 2/13       Paint Effects,    Dynamics and Particles

Thursday 2/15       Texture Mapping       UV Mapping

Week 7
Monday 2/20        President's Day

Thursday 2/22   Present work in progress

Week 8
Monday 2/27       Backgrounds

Thursday 2/29       noa yes there is class

Week 9
Monday 3/5          yes there is class

Thursday 3/7      Present work in progress

Week 10
Monday 3/12            yes there is class

Thursday 3/14         yes there is class

Week 11
Thursday 3/21      Final Presentation  2 PM