156  3D Modeling and Motion   
This syllabus is subject to change based on the class needs.
Software covered:
Maya, Unity, After Effects and Photoshop
Fall 2017,  M W 2:00 - 4:50 pm, Classroom Broad 4230     


Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp
office hours: 1:00-2:00 Mondays in Broad 4230, by appointment
TA:  Jonathan Moore
office hours: By appointment, Broad 4230

Description:  This course is an introduction to theories 3D form, spatial design, motion and lighting using 3D visualization and video tools.  For example, tools originally designed for motion will be used to construct form.  Aspects of time such as speed and duration will be used to contemplate form and interaction. The first half of the course involves weekly assignments focused towards an understanding of virtual in relation to real form. The second half is devoted to an individual project.

Grading:  Grading is determined by the completion of all assignments. Attendance and participation are mandatory, these effect the grade. No more than 3 absences allowed. Assignments should only be made for this class.

Look at Interesting Artists

Overlapping Assignments:
1)  Find an artistic image of an interior photograph or painting created by a known artist. Model it. Consider light, point of view, and what it means to change the original. Consider who or what is the point of view of the image, what feeling or idea is the artist trying to convey?  We will use this environment to view the image as a VR virtual environment. You will be adding elements not seen in the artist's rendition since you will be able to see behind the painting.  Render two 3000 pixel images and document the interaction of the VR. Due week 5

2) Model metal type for letterpress to be 3D printed at shapeways.com. Johann Gutenberg meets Chuck Hull. Bring in a sketch idea week 3. A minigrant is paying for the print.

3) Anything you prefer utilizing what we have learned. Your project could be a 3D printed sculpture, a poster, a 3D typeface, a book, an animation, a VR or AR project, an interactive project, a video with effects, etc. Present a proposal week 4

Grad students create their own assignments, but I recommend creating a variation on assignment 1 in order to learn Maya.

Install this software on your Mac or PC:

Week 1
Monday 10/2     Table Tutorial     Maya Shortcuts     Polygon Modeling Table     Arnold
Start Assignment 1, Start thinking about a design for assignment 2

Wednesday 10/4    NURBS Modeling Form       Unity VR Maya

Week 2
Monday 10/9    More Polygon Modeling     Polygon Modeling Cup    Trims

Wednesday10/11   Advanced NURBS Modeling   Texture Mapping      UV mapping polygons

Thursday 10/12  12:15   Lecture by new Dean Brett Steele

Week 3
Monday 10/16    Velocity Bouncing Ball     Deformers    Path Animation

Wednesday 10/18   Critique assignment 1 in progress and the sketches for assignment 2 in progress
Start thinking about Assignment 3

Week 4
Monday 10/23   Unity Maya Animation triggered by collisions     Unity Grab Dynamic Objects

Wednesday 10/25     Paint Effects     Hierarchical Animation (Forward Kinematics)    Particles and Dynamics     nCloth Dynamic Simulations

Week 5
Monday 10/30         Unity VR  Ncloth animation

Wednesday 11/1     Critique assignment 1 VR    Discuss proposals for assignment 3, Start assignment 3

Week 6
Monday 11/6          3D Printing     Letterpress
In class model assignment 2.

Wednesday  11/8    Mental Ray    Mental Ray advanced   Camera Animation      Motion Blur

Week 7
Monday 11/13   Inverse Kinematics   Mathematical Expressions   MEL scripts Constraints

Wednesday 11/15 Critique assignment 3 in progress
Lighting      Depth of Field      Raytracing       Backgrounds

Week 8
Monday 11/20       Critique assignment 2, last chance to turn in to be 3D printed   Unity Mirror

Wednesday 11/22    Adobe Media Encoder mp4 encoding     ffmpeg

Week 9
Monday 11/27           work in class
Wednesday 11/29        work in class

Week 10
Monday 12/4     work in class
Wednesday 12/6    work in class

Week 11
  12/13  FINAL PRESENTATION all 3 assignments will be presented at 2PM

All assignments will be turned in on the web.
     Host: file.design.ucla.edu
     User ID: Your login

Any animations 1080HD
Final renderings 3000 pixels or more

Screen Capture YourVR  Project

OBS Studio


Windows 10, Game Bar, Xbox App

Windows 10, Win Key + G to open, WIN Key + Alt to record