How to use the Scanner


Open Photoshop

Make sure the Epson 1660 scanner is connected (via USB) to your computer and powered.

File -> Import -> EPSON TWAIN 5
When the dialog comes up make sure that it's set to advanced and not the automatic scanning mode.

Make sure the settings in the window are as follows:
     Image Type = Color Photo
Resolution = 300 dpi

Click reset to set all the color correction settings to default. You should adjust the color in photoshop and take the default settings from the scanner, unless you want to get some crazy colors.

Draw a fence around the image you want to scan in the preview window.

Click the Scan button.

After scanning is complete close the scanning window.

Now, back in photoshop, go to Image -> Image Size and make sure that your image resolution = 300 pixels/inch.

The two computers in our classroom that have the scanner drivers on them are the two near the projector. The PC named "VIDEOBUZZER" and the mac named "MacRaspberry".