Primary Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue
Secondary Colors: Orange, Green, Violet
Intermediate Colors: Yellow-Orange, Red-Orange, Red-Violet, Blue-Violet, Blue-Green, Yellow-Green

Palette mix for Johannes Itten's 12 color wheel, the artist's spectrum, subtractive

  cadmium yellow pale
               yellow orange:  cadmium yellow pale + cadmium orange
     orange:  cadmium orange
               red orange:  cadmium yellow pale + cadmium orange + alizarin crimson
red: cadmium red pale + alizarin crimson
               red violet:   magenta + white + touch of light purple
     violet:  ultramarine blue + magenta + touch of light purple + touch of white
               blue violet: ultramarine blue + white + hint of light purple + teeny weenie bit of magenta
blue: utramarine blue + white
               blue green: phathlo blue + white
     green:  brilliant green + cadmium yellow pale + hint of ultramarine
               yellow green: same mix as green with more cadmium yellow light