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Intro 3D
Software for the course

Maya shortcuts

Intro Modeling
Table and Lamp Tutorial  nurbs

Introduction to Modeling tools  nurbs

Intro Polygon Modeling table and chair  poly

Advanced Modeling
Trimmed Surfaces   nurbs

Polygon Modeling Mug tutorial   poly

More Polygon Modeling Tools   poly

Zbrush  3D sculpting  poly

Mudbox  poly 3D paint program

Advanced Modeling   nurbs

Typography and Illustrator

Paint Effects Daisy

3D Printing

Letterpress 3D printing

Intro Animation
Camera Animation

Animate a Bouncing Ball

Path Animation

Motion Blur

Hierarchical Animation, or Forward Kinematics

nCloth Dynamic Simulations

Advanced Animation
IK Inverse Kinematic Skeletons

Video Texture Maps

Particles and Dynamics


MEL scripts



Rendering and Lighting

Depth of Field

Raytracing Glass


Mental Ray  basic

Mental Ray advanced

Texture and Composting
Texture Mapping

UV mapping polygons


Video Texture Maps with Maya and tiff files

video texture map digital, might not work in Maya 2016 by Nicolas Hanna

AfterEffects really basic

AfterEffects Advanced

Adobe Media Encoder mp4 encoding


VR and Unity
0a Unity VR Intro Primitives   

0b Unity Maya Background Animation

0c Unity VRTK Maya

0c Unity VRTK simulator for when you do not have a Vive

0c Unity VRTK start an animation with touch

Unity Sound

Unity VR  Ncloth animation

Unity Mirror Reflections

OBS screen capture VR documentation

Turn of SteamVR Boundaries

Unity Video Texture Maps

Older VR without VRTK
Unity, Vive, Trigger Maya Animation with Colliders

Unity, Vive, Grab Objects   under construction

Unity AVpro video plugin

Design History  old

Director Course Notes  really old