21 Color           
This syllabus is subject to change based on the class needs.
Photoshop Software
Spring 2007   9:00 AM - 11:50      
Room 5240 and room 4220

Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp
office hours 12:00-1:00 Thursdays in the DMA lab

TA:  John Houck
office hours:  Thursdays 12-2

Student Work from the class Spring 2007

Required Text:
Understanding Color, 3rd edition, Linda Holtzschue, Wiley Press, 2006. There may be a quiz based on the reading.

Supplies  You need paint supplies by Thursday

Description:  This course is an introduction to color theory, creativity, and coming up with new ways to surprise the teacher.

Each student will design a web site compiling all the assignments, in class exercises and assignments. Please consider the design and interaction.

Week 1            Web    Scanner
Monday 4/2          Overview of the class, Supplies you need to purchase by next class. Especially black and white paint, brushes. A look at John Houck and Jennifer Steinkamp's work in relation to color.

Thursday 4/4       Value   subtractive  pigment
In class: Paint a 3 and 9 step grayscale image. Scan the images, 300ppi

Week 2
Monday 4/9           Hue   subtractive  pigment
In class: Paint an Itten color wheel, You design the shape. Scan the image, 300ppi.
Assignment: Each student will be assigned one of the 6 hues. You will then go shopping for 10 3D items which match the hue. The color of the object should be 90% or more of this hue. The size should be between 3-10 inches. Make an arrangement of these items. Due Thursday 4/18

Thursday 4/11      Saturation   subtractive  pigment
In class: Choose one of the six hues. Paint a 9 step image from the hue to white. Scan the image, 300ppi.

Week 3
Monday 4/16    Photoshop Layers and Alpha Channels for color
In class: Open all your previous scanned exercises. Use what we learned in photoshop to clean up the files. Save as a new version. Use copy and paste to arrange all the exercises on one page, Each exercise should have its own layer with a transparent background. Print to the expensive printer. Use this image to calibrate your monitor.

Thursday 4/18      Hue subtractive pigment  Present Hue objects to the class.
Assignment: Use a digital camera to photograph all the hue examples. Think about your compositions. Use photoshop to collage the images.  Make a print out on the Epson expensive printer. In addition put a file in the drop folder. Due Monday 5/7

Week 4
Monday 4/23              Hue  additive  light    16.7 million colors
In class:  Open your Itten color wheel in photoshop. Switch all the colors to additive colors. Label the RGB values of each color.
Assignment: Color is a huge subject involving every discipline. Choose a subject, focus on its relation to color, write a 1 page paper. Use 1 or more images to illustrate the subject on the second page. For example, prison uniforms are often classified by color and level of offense, what is the thinking behind these colors?. Images used might be picture of the uniforms. The concept for the paper must be approved by the teacher or TA. Please be creative, have fun, play. Due Thursday 5/2

Thursday 4/25            Saturation  additive  light
In class:
Make a saturation chart using all 6 hues RGB. You design.

Week 5
Monday 4/30              
work in class, you must attend

Thursday 5/2    Value   additive  light    Present papers to the class
In class: Make a value chart using all 6 hues. You design

Week 6
Monday 5/7           Present Hue object collage to the class
Assignment: Photograph the same object or scene outdoors at sunrise, sunset, noon, night and if possible a cloudy day. Do not shoot the sun. Notice the changes in colors. Look at Claude Monet Cathedrals and haystacks for inspiration. Due Monday 6/4

Thursday 5/9        
In Class: Choose 2 subtractive complementary colors. Make yourself a 9 step saturation chart for each. Print out the charts for your reference. In class, work out some designs for the next assignment.
Assignment: Use your saturation charts. I would like you to work with 50% or less saturation. Using the 2 complimentary colors, photogrqaph some evenly textured surfaces to match the colors more or less. Create a collage composition that emphasizes the complentary contrast.

Week 7
Monday 5/14           
work in class, you must attend

Thursday 5/16          
work in class, you must attend

Week 8
Monday 5/21          
work in class, you must attend

Thursday 5/23       
Analogous Colors
Complementary Colors
Simultaneous Contrast

Week 9
Monday 5/28        Memorial Day
Thursday 5/30     Present Monet photographs.
work in class, you must attend

Week 10
Monday  6/4         Present Complimentary Contrast Collage

Thursday  6/6       FINAL PRESENTATION, web sites and ALL printouts

Paint a 3 and 9 step grayscale image.
Paint an 12 color color wheel, You design the shape.
Paint a 9 step image from 1 hue to white.

Print out of 3 and 9 step grayscales; color wheel, additive and subtractive; 9 step hue to white

Print out Hue object Collage.

Written paper with illustrations

Print out saturation chart using all 6 hues RGB. You design.

Print out value chart using all 6 hues. You design

Print out Photograph the same object or scene outdoors at sunrise, sunset, noon, night and if possible a cloudy day.

Print out complimentary Contrast Collage.

Web pages of all assignments

Links:  http://jsteinkamp.com/html/computer_information.htm

All assignments will be turned in on the web, drop folder and as prints.
     Host: ftp.design.ucla.edu
     User ID: Your login

Grading: Grading is determined by the completion of all assignments. Attendance and participation are mandatory, and of course effect the grade. Any assignment may be reworked if it was turned in on time.