403 Graduate Critique
Spring 2013  
Thursdays 5 - 8  Broad 1250 EDA

Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp    
Seminar, three hours; outside study, three hours. Limited to first- and second-year departmental graduate students. Students meet with instructor in small classroom setting to exchange ideas through presentation of current projects and research, discussion, research papers, and reports. Instructors may invite visiting critics to contribute. May be repeated for credit. S/U grading.

Every week we will review on-line documentation from the previous exhibition.

week 1 4/2
tuesday 6:00
monday, 4/8 5:30pm Joseph Delappe, Lecture Game Lab, room 3252

tuesday 4/9 5pm Moeller Microsoft meeting eda

tuesday 4/9 Hammer Arts party, Chris will have work there

week 2 4/10
Thursday, 4/10 5:00-9:00 pm Career Day EDA

Friday, 4/12 (by noon) Second year: Submit Petition for Advancement to Candidacy to the Student Affairs Office.

Thursday, 4/10 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Su Kim and Amy Huestis Fab Lab

thursday, 4/11 5:30pm Introduction to Augmented Reality UCLA Game Lab, room 3252

thursday 4/11 5pm Christina Agapakis "Inside Out Body" Exhibition and Workshop CNSI 5419  Art Sci Gallery

week 3 4/17
Thursday, 4/17 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Refik and Jaehyuck Grad Gallery, EDA, room 1250

thursday, 4/18 7pm UCLA Leonardo Art Science Evening LSAER "Neuroscience + Art" CNSI Exhibition Space

tuesday, 4/23 5:30pm Reception 6:00pm Jim Campbell, DMA Lecture Series EDA, room 1250

week 4 4/24  JS Minneapolis
Thursday, 4/24 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Peter Rand and Gavin Halm FAB LAB

Thursday, 4/24 5pm Women in Philanthropy Event – Gridlocked EDA and Grad Gallery

thursday, 4/25 5pm Megan Daalder Exhibition CNSI 5419  Art Sci Gallery

thursday April 25 - May 8 1st Years Design Matters Exhibition

week 5 5/1
Thursday, 5/1 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Chris and Curtis Grad Gallery, EDA, room 1250

tuesday, 5/7 7pm deans distinguished lecture Christopher Csikszentmihalyi EDA, ROOM 1250

week 6 5/8
Thursday, 5/8 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Tyler/Matthias Grad Gallery, EDA, room 1250

Thursday, 5/8 7pm 2013 UCLA Game Lab Event HAMMER Museum

thursday, 5/9, 7pm UCLA Leonardo Art Science Evening LASER "Environment + Art" Location: TBD

Monday, 5/13 - Thursday, 5/16 Installation time for MFA Exhibition

week 7 5/15
Thursday, 5/15 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Bin/Richard Grad Gallery, EDA, room 1250
This is the day before the MFA show. There potentially could be limited equipment available. 

thursday, 5/16 - 5/30 (ALLEN) 5pm—8pm 2nd year MFA Exhibition Opening, New Wight Gallery

friday, 5/17, (ALLEN) TBD MFA Graduate Review, New Wight Gallery Committee meetings

week 8 5/22
Thursday, 5/22 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Nicholas/Gottfried Grad Gallery, EDA, room 1250

week 9 5/29
Thursday, 5/29 5:00pm Grad Exhibition, Phoebe/Dennis Grad Gallery, EDA, room 1250

Thursday, 5/29 5pm David Familian "Echo & Narcissus Exhibition"  CNSI 5419   Art Sci Gallery

thursday, 5/30 5pm - friday, 5/31 9am de-install, wall repair and clean-up

friday, 5/31 9am - 11am equipment collection, Remove all tech from art installations and neatly pile up for collection

friday 5/31 7pm Magic Lantern public show

saturday 6/1 7pm  Cocktail Reception 8pm Magic Lantern Show

saturday 6/1 former grad student, Tyler Adams Exhibition at Steve Turner Contemporary, 6026 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles across from LACMA

week 10 6/5 
Thursday, 6/5 5:00pm  (STEINKAMP) 1st year Grad Presentations EDA, Fab Lab  1250

Friday, 6/14 Second year: Submit Statement of Completion form signed by all committee members, including external member(s), on the same form.  Also submit three copies (2 hard and 1 digital) copies of final written thesis, cover page, and the required cd-r, dvd documentation in binder to graduate advisor.  (See Comprehensive Examination Guidelines)

saturday, 6/15 4pm Commencement

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Suggested field trips

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Integratron (@ Joshua Tree)
Long Beach
Baker (World largest thermometer, Mad Greek restaurant, Dumont Dunes)

This is close to home, but what about a trip to the Getty Research Institute?   This year their theme is colour, and there are some very interesting scholars up there.   Here is a list of some whose work I find interesting -- in particular, Richard Tuttle, wow.  
They had their graduate consortium last term, but perhaps they could give us a tour or we could ask one of these scholars to meet with us and discuss their work?