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Unity Post Processing

Post Process Render, Guy Debord model by McKenzie Wark

Ambient Occlusion with Post Processing
Open Window->Package Manager
Select Post Processing
     A window will pop-up, select Install

Choose the camera(s) you will be publishing:
     For the Steam VR emulator camera in Hierarchy

Select Component->Rendering->Post-process Layer

At the top of the Inspector select Layer->Add layer...
     Type a name such as post process in one of the empty layers

Select the
Camera (FallbackObjects)
     In the Inspector under Post-process Layer
          Change Layer
to post process
     Select Mode   Fast Approximate Anti Alias (FXAA) (default no Anti-Aliasing)

Select GameObject->3D Object->Post-process Volume

Select the Post-process Volume in the Hierarchy
     Change the Layer to post process in the Inspector
     Select  Is Global

Under Post-process VolumeProfile click New
Click Add effect...
     Select Unity->Ambient Occlusion

Under Ambient Occlusion  unity_down_arrow_hierarchy
     Select Mode, Intensity
     Change the Mode to Scalable Ambient Obscurance   (The other option will not work with WebGL.)
     Change Intensity to .25
Select Radius

You will need to run the Game to see the effect. It will be more obvious on walls.

Try adding other effects, use Add effect...

Follow this procedure for any camera you would like to use with the Post Processing.

Model Settings
In order to avoid Baking:
     Do not use Static on any of your models.
     Do not select Contribute Global Illumination on any of your models.

Lighting Settings

Select Window->Rendering->Lighting Settings  (Or click the button lower right of screen.)
     You may want to change Source to Color (default skyBox)
          You may want to increase the Ambient Color for the scene to make it less dark.
     Keep Baked Global Illumination (default, Keep unless you are having problems with baking.)
     Keep Lighting Mode at Shadowmask  (default)
     Do not use Ambient Occlusion


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