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Deadline Render Server

Install Software
For assistance with install, please contact Israel Gutierrez:

Login to the DMA Cloud
Go to the website and login with your DMA username and password.

Download Two Files
Open the Deadline Renders folder. (The cloud remembers the last folder you were in, hit Home button.)

Select the Deadline10RemoteClient.pfx file and download it. (Look in Downloads folder.)
     Move this file to a place on your computer where it will not move or get deleted.
     This certificate is always required to connect to Deadline.

Open the Deadline Renders/DeadlineClientInstallers folder.
Select and download the .dmg file
     Windows: Select and download the .exe file
          (Ignore the pfx file, this is not for DMA, it is generic.)

Install the Deadline Client Installer Software
Double click the DeadlineClient-installer for your computer OS.
     Mac: Open System Preferences->Security & Privacy->General tab   Select Open Anyway

Installation Directory
     Use the default Installation Directory.

Select Components window
Select the components you want to install:
     DO NOT select Remote Connection Server

Deadline Client Setup window
The Repository Connection Type that Deadline will connect to:
     Select Remote Connection Server

Deadline Client Setup
     Input this Server Address

Deadline Client Setup
     Click the button next to RCS TLS Certificate deadline_file_input
     Select the Deadline10RemoteClient.pfx file you moved to a safe location.
     DO NOT input a Certificate Password.

Mac: Deadline Client Setup window
     Select No License

Deadline Launcher Setup
     Uncheck Launch Worker When Launcher Starts

Setup Your Local Render Folders
Make a folder on your Desktop named Deadline Renders.

Make a folder under Deadline Renders
with your DMA username.
Make 2 folders in the username
folder: scenes and images.

Setup Your Remote Cloud Render Folders
Navigate to the Deadline Renders folder.

Open your DMA username folder

Use the + button in order to to add two New Folders: scenes and images.


In Maya
Set up your Maya options for animation
Use Windows->Settings/Preferences->Preferences
     Choose the Time Slider section
          Set Framerate: 30 fps

Render Settings
Render Settings icon upper right  srender_settings  (Windows->Rendering Editors->Render Settings...)

Change Render Using to Arnold Renderer    (Arnold is the default)
Under the Common tab:
     Choose Image format: tif
     Uncheck Dither
     Change Frame/Animation ext: to name.#.ext
     Input the Start frame and End frame range

Faster render settings, with transparency for tests.
Under the Arnold Renderer tab:
Under the Sampling arrow:
     Set Camera (AA) to 3      (default 3)
     Set Diffuse to 1      (default 2)
     Set Specular to 1      (default 2)
     Set Transmission to 2      (default 2)
     Set SSS to 0      (default 2)
     Set Volume Indirect to 0      (default 2)

Under the Ray Depth arrow
     Set Total to 4      (default 10)
     Set Diffuse to 1      (default 1)
     Set Specular to 1      (default 1)
     Set Transmisssion to 4      (default 8)
     Set Volume to 0      (default 0)
     Set Transparency Depth to 4      (default 10)

Under Textures arrow
     Uncheck Auto-convert Textures to TX

DEADLINE Renderfarm File Setup

Local File
Place a copy of your Maya scene file in the Desktop\Deadline Renders\yourname\scenes folder.

Remote Cloud Files

Login to the website.
     Navigate to Deadline Renders\yourname\scenes
     Use the + button in order to to upload these files:
          Place any texture files and the scene file into the scenes folder.
          (Advanced: cached files can go there too.)

Use Deadline Monitor

Run Thinkbox->Deadline Monitor 10
     Select Submit->3D->Maya

          Fill in
               Job Name  something descriptive, include your name
               Group maya2020
               Machine List   Select the Falcon Talons and Alienware computers
               Project Directory   Select  your Desktop
               Maya File
               Output folder
               Frame List  1-300 etc
               Frames per Task  5
               Renderer  Arnold
               Version  2020
          Hit Submit, answer yes a lot, don't worry about the question about local.
          You can close the window.

DMA Cloud to download Render Files
Download the images directory from the cloud when you are finished.

Go to the website and login with your DMA username and password.

Please delete your files off the cloud once you have them.

PC View the Animation with fcheck
Use Windows Start Menu (lower left)->Autodesk->fcheck from windows
     (or C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2020\bin\fcheck.exe)

Select File->Open Animation  Find the files in your project area, Select the first frame.

Mac View the Animation with After Effects or Premiere
Use After Effects then Media Encoder, or Premiere Pro.

Or use SFTP to download Render files
This might be easier than using the cloud, no zip files

use Filezilla,
PC use WinSCP
     Host:  port 22
     User ID: Your login

     Navigate to /data/export/renders/yourname/

Under your name you should have an images and a scenes folder

When you view the images folder after the render, you should run Refresh in order to see the files.

Change the permissions of your image folders to R W X (777) if you use SFTP to create folders.


Nextcloud sync a DMA Cloud folder to a folder on your computer.
Do this after setting up your project on the cloud. This will make it easier to use the cloud, no zip files
You will sync your Deadline Renders/images folder to your local Desktop/Deadline Renders/yourname/images folder. It is a two-way sync, files update automatically on both ends.

Install Software
Download the software for your computer:
     Double click the Nextcloud installer from your Downloads folder

Useless Wizard
For first time users, Nextcloud connection wizard should appear.
     Close the Wizard (It does not remember what you set!)

First time Setup

Start the Nextcloud utility
     Mac: Nextcloud is accessible through the green circle with a checkmark icon top right menu.
          Select Add account before launching program.
    PC: NextCloud is the green circle with a checkmark icon in the lower right menu
          Select Add account before launching program.

     Select Log in to your Nextcloud
     Type Server Address:   (Click in the start of the field and type.)
     Click Next>
          If asked, select Trust this certificate anyway
          Select Log in
          Grant access to your computer
     Close the browser, close the wizard

Configure Connections
Start the Nextcloud utility
     Mac: Nextcloud is accessible through the green circle with a checkmark icon top right menu.
          Select Settings before launching program.
    PC: NextCloud is the green circle with a checkmark icon in the lower right menu
          Select Settings before launching program.

Select your name in the upper left
Local Folder
     Select Add Folder Sync Connection
     Select the Local Folder on your Desktop to sync, Desktop\Deadline Renders\yourname\images
     Click Next

Remote Folder
     Open Deadline Renders folder->yourname
          Select images folder
          Click Next
          Click Add Sync Connection


     Select the General section
          Uncheck Ask for confirmation before synchronizing folders larger than 500 MB

Next time you use Deadline, the files will automatically move to your computer as they are being rendered.
Compare the file sizes to make sure all the files were able to sync. You may need to move a few manually.


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