Unity Video Texure Maps


Place a video file in the Assets folder of your Unity project.

Keep the pixel size small such as 426x240.

Keep the video duration short.

Use h.264 .mp4  (h.265 works)
These formats might work, depending on the codec: .mov .mpg .mpeg .mp4 .avi .asf

In Unity:
Select your object
Select Add Component in the Inspector 
     Choose Video->Video Player
     Drag your video clip from the Assets tab onto Video Clip in the Video Player in the Inspector
     If does not have have audio, turn off Audio Output Mode

If your video looks too dark create a new material shader
Select Shader->Unlit/Texture (In the Inspector)
Drag the Material onto your object

Pay the Game to see the texture

Directions to use Adobe After Effects  

Directions to use Adobe Media Encoder to make a  H.264 movie