Unity with Vive VR Mirror Reflections


Mirror effects in VR require a stereo effect since there are 2 cameras, one for each eye.

Import SteamVR

Choose the Asset Store tab next to the Scene window

Type SteamVR in the search bar

Add the SteamVR Player Prefab to your scene

Select the SteamVR folder from the Project tab
Select the arrow, open InteractionSystem, open Core, select Prefabs
Drag the Player into the Hierarchy tab

Setup the Main Camera
Select the Main Camera from the Hierarchy tab
     Change Target Display to Display 2,
Change Target Eye to None in Inspector

Import Mirror App

Choose the
Asset Store tab next to the Scene window
Magic Mirror Pro in the search bar  $9
The free Lite edition will work, unfortunately you will have double reflections in your mirror, one from each eye with a VR headset.


This works best with 2 mirrors, if you use more, try turning down the Recursion Limit..

Select your object, planes or quads work the best.
Make sure the object has no child objects.

Apply Script
Drag and drop MagicMirror->Prefab->MagicMirrorScript.cs C# on to your object in the Inspector.
Set Reflection Camera Rendering Path to Forward
Set Recursion Limit to 5
Set Recursion Render Texture Size Reducer to .9

Apply Material
Drag and drop MagicMirror->Prefab->Material->MagicMirrorMaterial onto your object.