Unity High-Definition Real-time Render Pipeline


Make a backup of any projects before upgrading, the HDRP project is not reversible. Projects previously made with Post Processing Stack must remove all the PPS elements and uninstall through the Window->Package manager.

WebGL publish does not work with HDRP.

HDRP render, Guy Debord model from McKenzie Wark

Maya modeling suggestions:
Keep inner floors, ceilings and walls separate. Combine outer walls. Use Mesh->Triangulate all models.
UV Settings for models in Maya:  (especially if you experience light map UV errors.)
     Select your object in Maya
     Select UV->Automatic->option.jpg
          Percentage space: .5

Here is a good video from Code Monkey, some these notes are compiled from the video.

Install HDRP
Select Window->Package Manager
     Select High Definition RP  (This also installs High Definition RP Config)
     Select Install  (wait)

The HD Render Pipeline Wizard
window will pop up
     Select Fix All
     Question pops up about HDRenderPipelineAsset, answer Create One
     Question pops up about default resource folder, answer Create One
     You will see a series of green check marks, close the Wizard.
     Close the Package manager.

Project Settings
Select Edit->Project Settings...
     Select the Quality section, look under HDRP
          Select the HDRenderPipelineAsset
               (This is the same as selecting Assets->HDRPDefaultResources->HDRenderPipelineAsset.)
         Change Lit Shader Mode to Forward Only (default Deferred)
         Change Multisample Anti alias to 2x or more  (for MSAA)

     Select HDRP Default Settings section (above)
          Under Rendering, select MSAA within Forward, (turns on anti aliasing for all cameras)

Camera Settings
Select your Camera
     Change FOV Axis to Horizontal  (default vertical)
     Select Link FOV
to Physical Camera
          Look at the Physical section the options mimic a real camera.
     Turn on Anti-aliasing
          FXAA fast
          TAA gives an outline effect
          SMAA higher quality

Add a Post-process Volume
(Add overrides to the Default settings.)

Select Game-Object->Volume->Global Volume
Name it Post-process Volume

     In the Inspector click New
     Click Add Override
          Click the right arrow and select a Post-processing filter such as:
    Lighting->Ambient Occlusion
          Select Intensity, input .4  (default 0)

(You may also make another volume with a local area, add a cube collider to define the volume for fog etc. You can use this to differentiate between  indoor vs outdoor conditions.)

Sky and Fog Volume
Select Assets->HDRPDefaultResources->Volume->Sky and Fog Settings Profile
You can change these settings for fog etc.

Light Setup
Select your Directional Light
     Leave the Mode set to Mixed  (default Mixed)
     Select Color Temperature
     Change Intensity to 5000 Lux

Add a GameObject->Light->Point Light
     Leave the Mode set to Mixed  (default Mixed)
     Select Color Temperature, choose a warmer color
     Change Intensity to 30000 Lux
     Select Shadow Map Enable

Lighting Settings
Select Window->Rendering->Lighting Settings
     Change Profile to Sky and Fog Settings Profile
     Change Static Lighting Sky to HDRISky

    Keep Baked Global Illumination selected
     Change Lighting Mode to Baked Indirect   (default Shadowmask)

     Select Multiple Importance Sampling
     Change Indirect Samples to 300 (default 500)
     Change Environment Samples to 300 (default 500)
     Change Indirect Denoiser to OpenImageDenoise  (default none)
     Change Indirect Filter to None  (default Gaussian)

     Change Lightmap Resolution to 16  (default 40)
     Change Lightmap Size to 1024
          (default 1024, if there are error messages on your models about max size change this.)
     Do not select Ambient Occlusion

Camera Script
If you are not using SteamVR this is a nice script to WASD,QE and mouse rotate the camera.
Download SimpleCameraController.zip

     PC: Right mouse Extract All... to unzip
     Place in your Assets folder.
Drag and drop the script onto your camera