Course Software and Purchases


Install all this free software on your Mac or PC for the course:

You will need a 3-button mouse to use Maya.

Please bring an HDMI to mini displayport or thunderbolt cable to connect your PC or Mac laptop to a classroom monitor, it will be easier to work. Look at your laptop to verify the connection.

External Hard drive
You will keep all your assignments on an external hard drive. 500GB or more. This way you can easily use any computer in the lab or your laptop. I recommend Samsung T5 Portable SSD - 1TB - USB 3.1 External SSD (MU-PA1T0B/AM) $278 or if that is too expensive Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 (STEH1000101) $60, SSD is about 25% faster.

First backup any files and format the drive as exFAT; this way the drive will work on either PC or Mac, with large files.

Maya 2018
Go to:

Go to:
     Select SIGN IN >
     License type: Personal or individual use
     Version: Maya 2018
     Choose your Operating system and language.
     click INSTALL NOW
Go to your Downloads folder, double click the installer

Run the updater too, see below.

UPDATE Maya 2018  You will need to run this too.
Go to Select SIGN IN
     Go HERE under MANAGEMENT scroll down
     choose Maya
     choose 2018 Downloads
     choose Updates & Add-ons
     Download the most recent update for your computer platform, save the file.
Go to your Downloads folder, double click the installer

Problem Solving 2018
If you accidentally installed the 30 day version, you can get your serial number from:
Go to Select SIGN IN, select Autodesk Account
     If you are already signed in go HERE
under MANAGEMENT scroll down
     choose Maya, your serial number is next to the version of Maya

SketchUp for Education
SketchUp for education   3D software good for importing models etc

Install (or update) Unity
Check terms of service and click on Download Installer  Choose Save, go to your downloads folder
Run UnityDownloadAssistant-xxx.exe
to install software
Click Next
Accept licence agreement and click Next
Click Next
Select Download files to temporary location, Click Next
Accept the license agreement for Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2017, Click Next
Wait for Unity to download and install, Click Next
Click Finish to close Setup.

Start Unity
Create a login for unity, Click Next
Under license management select Unity Personal, Click Next
Select I don't use Unity in a professional capacity, Click Next

OBS Studio
Screen Grab software for documenting VR projects 


Video Players:

Quicktime 7 for mac and PC (Your mac came with a different version of quicktime, not as advanced.)

MPC-HC  only PC, one of the few players to deal with the 4K codecs.

FFMPEG video editing, streaming, very fast

     Select the Version, Architecture and Static Linking
     Select Download Build
     Save the file to your Downloads folder
     Right mouse over the zip file, select Extract All...
     Move the ffmpeg-....-static folder to your C:\Program Files folder
           Set up an Environment Variable Path to the FFMPEG program:
     Run Windows Settings
     Select System
     Select About
     Scroll down to Related settings, select System Info
     Select Advanced system settings
          System Properties window pops up with Advanced tab selected
     Select Environment Variables... 

          Select New... for User variables
          Type Path for Variable name
          Input the entire path of the ffmpeg program, include bin
               C:\Program Files\ffmpeg-...-win64-static\bin

Unzip the file in your Downloads folder
Drag the ffmpeg program into you Applications folder

FTP Software
Do not use the cloud to move your files because you need to zip first. If you use this software you will not need to zip.

Mac:  Filezilla
Be careful to not install the optional software!

File protocol: SFTP
Host Name:
Port: 22

Steam (Optional unless your computer can support a Vive)
Download Vive compatibility check ViveCheck.exe

Do not disconnect the Vive setups in the classroom. You may checkout a Vive headset from the checkout for use at school.

Install this software so you can possibly connect a VR headset to your computer.
Download from:

Install Steam Now
Run SteamSetup.exe from your downloads folder to install software.
Accept license agreement

Start Steam steam_VR1 
First time use, Steam will ask you to login, you may set up an account or use the department's account: login dmaucla password UCLAdma!
This login seems to hang at school. It should work OK if you try starting your Unity project. Worse case reboot the computer.

Believe it or not more software gets installed, this time SteamVR. Wait.

Room Setup
Start up Steam, you will need the Vive equipment for this
In the small
SteamVR window, under the down arrow, select Run Room Set-Up
Click on Room-Scale
Follow the instructions for Room Setup on your computer screen to set up your room
Setup complete, click next

Testing the Vive
Put on Headset
Use the controllers to launch the SteamVR library
Run the SteamVR Tutorial

If the Vive VR is not working:

Make sure the headset and controllers are connected
Try wiggling the Headset and pressing the buttons on the controllers
Make sure the hand held controllers have charged batteries
Steam Status Utility will look like this if it is ready.

Reset Steam if you don't see all the icons
     Select the down arrow next to SteamVR unity_steam_arrow
     Select Devices->Reboot Vive headset
     There is also a menu to Run Room Setup, this should be done already