Import SketchUp into Maya, cleanup imported models


In SketchUp
Select the flat 3D person, hit Delete key
Choose File->3D Warehouse > Get Models...
Search for keywords
(This is a Herman Miller Eames Molded Shell Side Chair - Stacking Base and Eames Molded Plastic Side Chair - Wire Base)
Select your model
Download Model

Answer Yes to: Load this directly into your SketchUp model?
Click the model into position
Choose File->Export->3D Model...
Save as default COLLADA File .dae

In Maya
Choose File->Import...  Find your .dae file
The file might be scaled extra large, you might not see it unless you dolly way out.
Select the parent, scale the model down to .0825 to match Maya coordinates
Select all the components
Select Edit->Duplicate to cleanup strange parenting
Choose Edit->Group  to give the objects a new parent group
Choose Edit->Unparent
to separate the parented duplicates from the original group
Move the new group over in X, delete the original group
Select all the components
     Select Edit Mesh Merge->option
          Use a very small Threshhold
Choose Mesh->Cleanup...
     Select Lamina faces (faces sharing all edges)

The shading may appear to be strange
Select all the components
Select Mesh Display->Conform
Select Mesh Display->Unlock Normals
Mesh Display->Harden/Soften Edges or Mesh Display->Soften Edge

Create new shaders or turn down the Ambient Color to black on the imported shaders.

If objects appear black, select Mesh Display->Reverse
Select Edit->Delete by Type->History

Make sure there are no duplicate objects.