Documentation with OBS


In Unity
Fix the shadows on your light
All these settings can effect performance.
Edit->Project Settings->Quality
In the Inspector tab
     Uncheck all Levels except Ultra
     Anti Aliasing    8x Multi Sampling
Change Shadow Resolution to Very High Resolution
     If the shadow does not appear when you make a Player
          decrease Shadow distance to 40

Select Window->Rendering->Lighting Settings
     Lightmapping Settings
          Lightmap Resolution 100 or 200

          Lightmap Size 1024
     Try Ambient Occlusion

File->Save Scene As
your Unity project if this is the first time saving.
     otherwise use File->Save

Build your project in Unity to run on its own, Make a Player
Build your project to run on it's own without Unity
File Build Settings...
     Uncheck Scenes/SampleScene
PC, Mac & Linux stand-alone
Build & Run
          Select your Platform
          Select Build And Run
          Create a folder outside of your Unity project
          Save to the folder...   wait a second

Alt F4 exits the player

Exit Unity, Maya and all extra software

Monitor Display settings 1920x1080
Right Mouse on Desktop background
Select Display Settings
     Set Change the size of text, apps, and other items to 100%
     Select Advanced display settings
          Change the Resolution to 1920 x 1080
          Hit Apply and then confirm the change.

OBS on a PC

Start OBS Studio 64 bit
File Settings
     Output Mode  Advanced
          Recording tab
             Recording Path  Desktop  or external drive
             Recording Format  mov
          Change the Base (Canvas) Resolution to 1920x1080
          Change the Output (Scaled) Resolution to 1920x1080
          Common FPS Values 30
Set up Start Recording  to F1 for your screen grab (hit F1 key)
Set up Stop Recording  to F1
          (Do not set up for Streaming.)

Click + under Sources below to add a Display Capture,
     delete other captures if you have any
Double click to open the
     De-select Capture Cursor
     Click OK

Start your Unity build player, Alt F4 exits the player

F1 to record OBS and F1 to stop

Move super slow when you look around the VR

There will be a mov file on your desktop,
Edit this with After Effects or Premiere.

Put the exercise mov files in the drop folder with your name as part of the file name.