The Construction of Experience: Interface as Content David Rokeby 
Lev Manovich,    New Media User's Guide     text by Manovich
Hal Foster, Vision and Visuality
Dave Hickey, The Invisible Dragon :Four Essays on Beauty
Katherine Hayles, How We Became Posthuman
E.H. Gombrich, Art and Illusion: A Study in the Psychology of Pictorial Representation
Laura Steward Heon, Game Show, art exhibition catalog (North Adams, Massachusetts: 2001)  purchase at:
Dave Gussow, Video Games as Art, St. Petersburg Times (Saint Petersburg, FL: Feb. 9, 2004)
The Rules of Play, Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman (Boston: MIT Press, 2003).
Advanced Lingo for Games, Gary Rosenzweig (Que; Book and CD-ROM edition, 2000).
Mastering Maya Complete,  Perry Harovas  John L. Kundert-Gibbs, Sybex, Incorporated
The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, Hyperion,
Cartoon Animation, Preston Blair, Walter Foster Publisher
Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, Jason Osipa
Maya Character Animation, 2nd edition, check for the most current, Jae-jin Choi

games and art   Click on Exhibitions for The Game Show   Eddo Ster  Machiko Kusahara  Miltos Manetas

Basic Director Class at NYU  older    computer vision

Kinect tutorial by David Leonard
Developer Dispatch Director Links
Jim Collins' Smoke & Mirrors Technotes
Lingo Web Tutorial
Peter Small's Lingo Socery
Macromedia Tech notes
Macromedia 3D shockwave examples     fun samples.. maybe we can show this in class..     lots of interesting scripts...  Extra for dynamic effects like particles, good examples as well.

product developers suppliers
Millumin software for audio visual shows
Mpeg Stream Clip for converting movies
Real Flow software for liquid simulations
Stratasys printer
Shapeways 3D printing
HTPC computer
Osirix Software, medical imaging    Josh Nimoy's Webcam Xtra  A free camera vision Director Xtra.      Lingo a complete listing of extras.
DreamLight's Director Talisman
Developers Dispatch
Icube, Infusionsystems
Sensor Magazine  sensor search engine
Global  sensors  EZIO site   Free ezio director extra  DirrectComm Serial Extra for EZIO etc.  electronics supplier  electronics supplier  electronics supplier  interesting sensors    Nice 3D viewer Xtra

3D Computer Graphics and FX
Alias Wavefront  walking example
Gnomon, 3D Computer Graphics Training Facility
Jeremy Birn's Career Advice
3D  Design Magazine   free 3D models

Motion Graphic Design Association, MGLA   look at the archive
Durfee Regn Sandhaus
Geoff Kaplan
open office architecture
s i n g l e c e l l
Art + Com
Imaginary Forces
Charles and Ray Eames
Graft Architecture
Manhattan Transfer
Reverb Studio, Los Angeles
Elixer Studio
Creative Planet
The Remidi Project
yugop  Cool programming examples  

contemporary adobe designers:
the dutch twins
 A type journal for the International Type Corporation, started by Herb Lubalin:
Two very respected type/design conferences (too late for this year):
The Clark Library (UCLA's own! off campus) has some of the most amazing ancient and rare books in the reading world.

The History of the Interface in Interactive Art - Soke Dinkla
Knowbotic Research
Charles Babbage
Ada Lovelace

on-line journals
Lingo Users Journal (LUJ)
Art Commotion, the Los Angeles contemporary arts magazine
Christa Erikson, Coding Tricks
ebr Anne Burdick's Publication
disinformation webzine
Leonardo On-Line
r a z o r f i s h, New York, New York
riotgrrl, webzine.
salon, webzine.
Paul Vanouse, The Persistant Data Confidante

Hubble Telescope Pictures
The Visible Human Project
Quantum Computing  

human-computer interfaces
John Walker, Through the Looking Glass; Beyond "User Interfaces"
Vertical blanking interval
Jeremy Quinn,Future Sound of London on Line

digital narratives
Grahame Weinbren, The Digital Revolution is a Revolution of Random Access
Jay David Bolter, Digital Media and Cinematic Point of View
Group Z , I Confess

media centers
UCLA Department of Design|Media Arts
Banff New media Institute
Cal-Arts Integrated Media
MIT Media Lab
Ars Electronica
Intercommunication Center
The Centre For Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Art - CAiiA

learn director text
Developer Dispatch Bookstore
Peach Pit Press
Macromedia Press