Letterpress Design with a Slight Bevel

The default size for the grids in Maya are centimeters
Any type or designs should be drawn backwards.

Choose Create->Curve Tools->CV Curve Tool->option.jpg
Click on Curve Degree 3 Cubic for rounded curves, use 1 Linear for straight curves.

Hit Enter button on the keyboard when you are finished.

Choose Curves->Open/Close Curves  to close, or place last point on top of first with magnet

Add holes if you like. Draw them counter clockwise.

Select  your curves. If drawn with holes, select outer curve first, then the inner curves to bevel with holes.
Choose Surfaces->Bevel Plus->option.jpg
Under the Bevel tab
     Select Create bevel:  At start
     Uncheck Create bevel:  At end
     Input Bevel width:  .01
     Input Bevel depth:  .1
     Input Extrude distance:   0
     Select Create cap:  At Start
     Uncheck Create cap  At end
     Select Straight Out
Under the Output Options tab
          SelectOutput geometry: Polygons
Input Along Extrusion, Section  Samples: 1
Input Along curve:  Span   Samples:  6

Use Mesh->Combine to make all the parts 1 object

Make certain everything is not inside out.

Edit Mesh->Delete Edge/Vertex to remove extra edges and vertices.

Illustrator files can also be brought in to use with Bevel

Exporting your model

Select your model.
Choose File->Export Selection...
File type: DAE_FBX expor
(Do not use STL_DCE it comes in the wrong scale when you load it back into Maya.)

Uploading to Shapeways
Go to www.shapeways.com
When you make an account, make sure you apply for the 15% student discount.
Select and upload your DAE file
In the Upload dialogue box, make sure that Model Units: millimeters is checked

Shapeways offers a preview where you should inspect your model again.
Check the scale and look for missing/flipped faces.

You are ready to print!