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Basic Director

Director Basics, Animation and Behaviors 

Director Lingo:
Handlers  Director Basic Lingo

Basic Lingo Scripting, Spin Tutorial

Transformation Example

Keyboard Interaction
Simple Keyboard Interaction example

Color, Case Statements, lists conditions

arrow keys

SendAllSprites and key down filters

More Advanced Code
Color and Random


Conditional Statements  True False   To-and-Fro Tutorial

sine wave oscillation

Dest Move

Dest Color

Follow and DestLoc


Image Sequences
Cycle Image Sequence

Oscillate Image Sequence

Image sequence simple

Image Sequence, Animated Transitions

Quicktime (non shockwave)
Quicktime with mouse control

Quicktime Loop

Quicktime Oscillate

Quicktime Movie Controllers

Quicktime Loops with buttons

3D Lingo:

3D Sphere

3D Primitives

3D Transforms

Scaling with Interactivity


3D mesh, Make your own shapes


3D from Maya and Camera Control

 3D play Maya Animations

Animated Textures and Mouseover Move

3D Particles

3D Text

Pick 3D objects

Sample Code

Fun Code

Computer Vision-- Web Cam
follow a grabbed color, simple

follow a grabbed color draw a vector on glob

follow a grabbed color, draw a box around it

follow a grabbed color to play a movie

follow a grabbed color to play sounds

follow a grabbed color to move a 3D mesh

texture map a 3D object with a webcam video

switch between animation loops

Physical Computing:
EZIO WIre Cross Example  DirComm serial port extra

EZIO WIre Cross Example  EZIO serial port extra

EZIO DirrComm Director Script and DirComm serial port extra

EZIO Extra Director Script   EZIO serial port extra

EZIO Electronics

EZIO Wiring Diagrams

Filtering sensors Timer in a Timer

Build Sensors

DirrComm Extra for Motors, Download sample and extra

EZIO audio and video wire cross examples

Purchasing sensors, ezio, electronics

Download microphone level example  use a mike to control Director.

MIDI download

OLD Lingo
Image Sequence Loops Complex True False