by anne niemetz 3/2003

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presented during the Westweek 2003 "LALALA" exhibition at the pacific design center hollywood, blue building third floor, 8687 melrose ave, west hollywood, march 25th-27th
invitation poster LALALA / invitation poster UCLALALALA

4 performers / sensor suspenders / larry king samples
lucas kuzma
mike chu
osman khan
tenzin wangchuk

jenny yurshansky


ashok sukumaran
dolores rivera
namrata mohanty
kim hager
prof. christian möller
pete conolly
tim quinn
maroun harb
doug smarch
charles harvey
kareem a. alhazred
ucla design|media arts

...wearable music instruments

stretching l.a
. is a performance in which four performers create music by stretching their suspenders. the suspenders have built-in bend sensors that trigger larry king statements taken from his tv-show. why larry king? because the gesture of “suspender-stretching” is a habit larry king has become known for, and he is a celebrity honored by los angeles. he is, in short, "the man with the suspenders".
the performers have the possibility to select, scratch and replay mr. king’s statements, in much the same way a dj can while playing records.. the choice of sampled words and sentences lets the performers converse with each other and ask questions addressing los angeles, its people and the political situation.

the exhibited piece stretching l.a. consist of two parts:
a three-minute video loop excerpt of the performance, and a pair of interactive suspenders.

watch the video (3 min) on Youtube

pictures/video of the presentation and the exhibition space

pictures of the performance/video shooting march 12th

first concept for stretching l.a.