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03-02-2005 oona tripping....

this website is phenomenal, anne i'm truly impressed. i hope you all rock good long and hard between now and the Return to the room of the Blue Bongos etcet... may peace health and prosperity be yours from now until internity and may you all be one with whatever you want to be one with. cuidaos, mujeres!!!

03-08-2005 Billy Bones cool band, lets link

Hey,Billy Bones here,Anne,just checked out your site and I really think you got a very cool band. Looking forward to catching you live,please keep us informed on your up coming shows,you can get a hold of us at www.theskulls.us or myspace@theskulls.us.maybe we could someday do a show with ya...Great Stuff, keep it rocking ....Billy Bones.THE SKULLS...

03-08-2005 sean whatcha

hotness. i'd like to see you live, but us here in jersey don't get too many LA bands our way. so get that national tour up and going.

03-08-2005 emma.. thats..hot =]

well well well--looks like a certain someone got killeddddd in a certain snowball fight! holler..the band is sounding awsome just like i thought it would...im liking the minature pippi longstockings.. =] hope L.A is treating yal well* welll..time to go whup up on some oona bootayy.. k....byeeeeeeee

03-16-2005 garrett next show

this web site is great. the music is great. when's the next show? i am sooo sorry i missed the last one.

03-17-2005 angela we've never met...

but we should! your music sounds awesome, i'm excited thinking about possibly playing together. my website is www.sunshowers.org, and is not complete quite yet. I will get a cd to you soon ;)

03-21-2005 herbert schmid we take care of chris!! don't worry!!


03-23-2005 maz rabazz old boys from germany

hi anne, this is matthias from hfg, just got the link from marc and i really enjoy your sounds. i am looking forward to your first germany-tour. greets from dachspitz and einsatzkommando verbraucherschutz ----> matthias

05-24-2005 oona sounds good ladies

07-31-2005 Rachel Farewell Extravaganza!!

Great business card, Anne...probably the best I've seen. Glad it led me to your website. You gals are a bunch of hot surf rockin, smokin' 50s boppin, talented pyschadelic punkers! Thank you for all the hospitality last night. Best of luck in all your travels.