Do you work too much? Feel free to complain about it!

27.03.2003 21:50 overworked artists IT IS TRUE!

give me break :-)

29.03.2003 19:08 MILTOS MANETAS No.

No. I never work. I have never worked in my whole life.

29.03.2003 21:33 golan levin a dissenting voice

i beg to differ; i think artists don't work hard enough.

30.03.2003 01:39 Tenzin "work"

i guess we "work" too much, but it isnt really work.. unless its work. ( 0___________0 )

31.03.2003 23:02 Tango Mangle I'm resting as fast as I can

Work, you don't know from work. Why, when I was a young buck we worked from noon to two without rest or resurrection. Now we see these youngsters sharing their time with just anyone. No regard for the power of the Grand Flake. It is not a simple thing to rest and work simultaneously. Never forget that. dancing without my feet, TM

01.04.2003 00:22 sabrina krewin human

work? no problem, as long as it's along the lines of what i enjoy. besdies, work allows one to keep exploring and learning new things; and builds relationships between individuals, which can improve human existence.

01.04.2003 11:41 annie thing DID I MENTION...

that i will censor this board? mental minors are restricted from posting. amused, annie way...
(freedom of speech? wake up heh...)

01.04.2003 11:47 anne I AGREE

the most with tenzin. it's a bother not really work turns into work so often. but i guess i'd not do it if the not really work part wasn't so enjoyable and addictive.

10.04.2003 02:16 fuck jay-z, be lay-z

writing this is too much work

21.04.2003 23:38 David Rokeby I complain too much about working too much

It's my decision, right? Anyway, sometimes work-too-hard is just an avoidance ritual. Programming black-hole as comfy cocoon. Working-not-too-much is sometimes painful...

19.05.2003 13:59 Sha Xin Wei work is theft

as the anarchists used to say: "work is theft" -- meaning work that sucks the blood out of us. but maybe just as ex-jesuits make good revolutionaries, ex-marxists make great finance capitalists, and ex-puritan-work-ethic-workers make artists who work too much.

20.05.2003 20:48 Rebecca Allen

When I make art it is not work, it is pleasure. But that is only a small part of being an artist. To find money to create art and have your work exhibited is hard work. But I need the pain of work so it feels really good when it's over.

06.07.2003 09:28 blue collar

i think you work artists, in time of crisis are to be entertaining the troops.

06.07.2003 13:30 blue collar

i think and you work.

12.10.2003 13:46 Rutiso work is life or v.v.

i can't stand it?! no, otherwise i would disbelieve in passion for life!

18.12.2003 15:56 Steven Clarke-Martin connect with your passion, everything follows

"The Master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence in whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both." - Zen Buddhist Text

18.12.2003 21:16 Holger Foerterer Then proceed

What are you surfing to this web site for? Don't you know it already? Shouldn't you better work real hard, do awesome and brilliant things in every second of your life already? And what about right now? You should have applied for exhibitions, stipentiums, theatres, schools, CNN (Larry) and all this, talking every glipse of an idea over with other inspiring artists, boastingly perform to the public, do several theoretical and historical researches at the same time, feed your fish and the public, get up to o late and still write those perfect emails for twenty-four hours a day? Hey, everybody told you about works that lasted for centuries and that were really important... how about you get your guts together and do them better right now? This instant? Again and again? Ow, cut it. Let's all get a life. And I suppose THAT'S the real tricky part of it all

23.02.2004 20:19 Add Message

05.04.2004 20:37 infossil

yes, holger is right.

14.05.2004 01:38 andy siefert oh yeah!

infossillity is everywhere.. nice to see you guys....anyway. holger is dammned right! cheers everybody!

11.08.2004 10:42 Scarlett Scarlett

If it weren't for this day job, I'd have more time to work on my art.

16.08.2004 13:03 marc unremarkable

In stone sculpting there is this adage: Artwork is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration. One might imagine the ratio of the two processes to be substantially different in the electronic arts. But it is not.

23.06.2005 0:37 davey

work keeps me from going bananas and running over a crowd of people at the farmers market. although that sounds like a lot of work too, really.

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