10000 sheep drawn for $.02 by workers on The Mechanical Turk.

Thousands of workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk web service were paid two cents to "draw a sheep facing to the left." The sheep drawings were collected and printed on collectible stamps. The animated process of each sheep's creation may be viewed at www.TheSheepMarket.com.

Created with Processing.



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Installation Video (Quicktime)
Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Laboral Centro de Arte


“’If you please--draw me a sheep . . .’
When a mystery is too overpowering, one dare not disobey. Absurd as it might seem to me, a thousand miles from any human habitation and in danger of death, I took out of my pocket a sheet of paper and my fountain-pen. But then I remembered how my studies had been concentrated on geography, history, arithmetic and grammar, and I told the little chap (a little crossly, too) that I did not know how to draw. He answered me:
‘That doesn't matter. Draw me a sheep . . .’”

-Le Petit Prince

A few words on the project....



Processing drawing tool for recording sheep animations


Laboral Centro de Arte, Gijon, Spain
Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan
Apex Gallery, New York, USA
ElectroFringe, New Castle, Australia
Media Art Friesland, The Netherlands


Aaron Koblin Design|Media Arts, UCLA