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Opus Zero

This work explores memory and reinterpretation: a dinner was organized by the artitst at his home, and 5 people were invited to take part of it. The conversation that ensued over the dinner table was recorded, and parts of it were re-enacted by the artist, who assumed the roles of the 5 guests. The "reconstructed" dialog was played back in the gallery, using a speaker setup that mirrored the arrangement of people around the table the night of the dinner.

The title of the piece is inspired by Opus 11 by the fluxus artist Eric Andersen:

"An ocurrence or part of an ocurrence is recorded and then played back."

The idea for Opus Zero was conceived before discovering Andersen's work, although the influence of fluxus on this piece goes beyond the title.

Thanks to Elliott Kaplan, David Elliott, Grace Nielson, Madeleine Gallagher and Megan Daalder for their participation in this piece.

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