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Note: This page is not further updated (as of February of 2009).
News (January 2011): It is currently being ported over to my new web site,

This is the webpage of Andrés Colubri, Argentinean researcher, programmer and computer artist. He has a doctoral degree in Mathematics and did scientific research in computational biology as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago.

His artistic interests move around the use of interactive real-time graphics, computer aesthetics, and the interrelationship between artistic expression and scientific thinking. His latest artistic work deals with the exploration of the visual and expressive possibilities brought forward by real time computer graphics and interactivity, specially in the context of performance.

He was involved in several theater and performance projects back in Argentina, where traditional acting and staging was blended with the novel resources of digital projections and live visual interpretation. He also worked in close collaboration with visual artists to create interactive video installations and tools for live drawing. Since 2005 he has been actively involved in the development of moldeo, an open source tool for live interpretation using images, video and real time visual effects.

Now as a graduate student in the Design|Media Arts department at UCLA, he looks forward to further investigate these topics, making use of his background and knowledge as a researcher and graphics programmer.